Looking For Area Rugs On A Budget


Décor matters in my life because it helped me create a sense of ‘home’. It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal at first but I moved to the Pacific Northwest in July, after having lived in a rural southern town for my entire life. Moving to Seattle was one of the most frightening things I’ve done in my 25 years. I didn’t know a single person on the west coast except for my military other half, and it was worrisome at first glance. The miles were many, and from what I could infer – the winters would be rainy and intense when looking for area rugs San Mateo CA. Having a sense of home in the midst of all those moving parts was really important to me since I knew going into this move that I’d be spending a lot of time alone. I used the four walls of my apartment to create a comfortable nest for my life. Seattle is known for its cramped quarters and the square footage of our new home was no exception.


I designed a home from a shoe box size floor plan AND budget and that was a big deal for a homebody who had never flew the nest. I used the décor in our home to open up our tiny space and give us somewhere to relax and complain about the outside world. I’m an artist at heart and being able to cover the walls in my own artwork and the artwork of those who inspired me was an amazing feeling. In all honesty being able to relax period knowing every other person, I knew as 3000 miles away was the most amazing part, being able to decorate my apartment was the biggest factor. Being able to make a home out of a shoe box was wonderful.




Persian Style From A Wannabe Interior Designer

Blank, white walls; bare Persian carpet; the scent of a freshly-cleaned room.

This was what I encountered when my family and I moved into our new house just over a month ago. I was excited to have a bigger room than before, and I liked that my siblings and I would have more space in our house, but something about it just didn’t feel like home. I had that strange feeling of sleeping in a place that wasn’t mine like I was staying at a hotel and would go home eventually.

Then I realized the problem: my room didn’t feel like my room because there was none of me in it. My belongings, style, and personality were nowhere to be found within the four white walls of the space. So, I got to brainstorming.

I have always been a beach enthusiast, loving everything from shells to surfing. I wanted to decorate my room to match my interests, and so I put on my interior-designer cap and scoured through articles and ideas to truly put my style into my room. Over the past month, I have been slowly working to create and personalize my space, and throughout that time, I have become more comfortable in it.

Decor is one of the most important factors in making a house feel like a home. People are individuals, and a home should reflect that individuality. Imagine if every house looked the same on the inside. There would be no creativity, no wonder in seeing something new, and no sense of personality. That’s why decor is crucial in not only showcasing our personal tastes but also making us feel at home in a place we can customize.

Being able to put pieces of our personalities and minds into the way we decorate is what keeps us creative, open-minded, and comfortable, and there is nothing more valuable than feeling at home, in our homes.


Purple vs Pink

When I was little my favorite color was purple. I do not know why. It looked fun, like a candy wrapper or those toys that came with sun lotion, I guess. At some point, this view was shattered. A grape juice commercial featured an actor who literally scared me away from my favorite color. There was something innately creepy about him. I tried to stop thinking of hues altogether, feeling betrayed as this man had single-handedly defiled my shade. Yet, I found myself plopped in front of a certain cartoon dog movie. It was memorizing. Despite my apprehension to become attached to another tone, there pink was. It formed clouds, looked like cotton candy, blended with the sky, and could be shaped into anything you wanted. I had established my new favorite color.

I would try to suppress memories of ever liking purple. I revered in the sun, examining the quality of pale red it made my closed eyelids. Secretly, I continued to miss how un-girly mauve was. Blush was usually associated with dresses of tulle, not sunsets and clouds as I saw it. I also glowered at ugly salmon crayons. Then, my grandma would reignite my passion for pink. She mailed me a small oval rug. It had specs of many colors, none of which was amethyst. At the side of my bed, this patch of pretty coral could be imagined as anything. From spaceships to flying clouds (not to be confused with a magic carpet) this rug held itself as the clouds in the movie did. Pink and I had rediscovered why we fell in love in the first place. It did not matter what other people thought, pink could truly be anything and look good doing it.

Today, I reside in a bubblegum pink room, which has since faded to hot pink, and been covered by light pink. I still think of the rug that saved me from living a colorless life. Stiff and rough to the touch it filled my room and heart with fuzzy memories of rose tints.