Area Rugs in Huntsville AL

Humans as a whole are highly visually oriented beings. It would only make sense that we decorate everything. Our cars, our tech, our restaurants, our shopping centers, and of course our homes. Decor has been a consistent theme throughout history and has given us a lot of insight into what cultures were like in ancient periods. Pottery and metal workings, old tapestries and textiles, wooden tables and carved stone chairs, they all tell a story. From ancient Egypt and Rome all the way to now, decor has not only given us insight into what people have seen as “fashionable” over time. It has also given us an accurate idea of the timeline of technological advancements through the ages.


A simple yet fascinating example is fabric. Back in the time of the Pharos, linen fabric had to be hand woven on large looms over several days, and dyed fabric was something only the wealthy could afford due to how painstaking the process was. A few centuries later, China is making silk and dying it with woodblocks, giving them the ability to dye floral patterns in multiple colors directly onto the fabric. Then of course in Europe came some of the earliest models of the cotton gin, the spinning wheel, and automated looms, then eventually synthetics dyes and easier methods of printing patterns. Now we have huge machines that make fabric by the mile in just a few hours, and handmade textiles have become the novelty. Whereas it would have taken the ancient Egyptians weeks to make a single rug, it takes our modern machines a fraction of the time. Decor is not just an important part of history and times past. It is also an important part of society today when searching for area rugs in Huntsville AL.


Everyone nowadays seems to have their own “aesthetic” as the insta stars say. Chill, vibrant, edgy, boho chic, vintage, modern, simple, artistic, you name it. If you have a consistent “look” to you, there’s probably an adjective to describe your style. Decor can be a form of self-expression for people who may not have as steady a hand in music or your more typical kinds of art. Thousands of people make decorating their career every year, whether by becoming personal stylists, photographers for home improvement magazines, or even professional bloggers and/or influencers on social media. Decor can also reflect the different cultures of the world. A good example of this can be found rather quickly by looking at the difference in dining rooms across the globe. In most European and Latin based cultures, seating is raised off the ground around a larger table.


In places like Japan and India however, many people still use the more traditional style of sitting on the ground on small cushioned seats with the table only slightly raised if at all. Decor can say a lot about a person. It can communicate taste, preference, lifestyle, and even status. It is one of the many ways in which we communicate with one another, it has been for a long time, and it will be for even longer still.