Going out fishing is a wonderful experience, and the right top fish baits  are a must for a nice catch. but sometimes, it can end up very frustrating for the same would-be fishermen. This comes from the fact that a fishing session can end up in absolutely no result if it is conducted improperly. In this domain, there are many potential ways how a person can skew the process to ineffectiveness but none are more relevant than using bad lures or inadequate bait. These are one of the key ingredients to any fishing session and having the right information about them is paramount. Here are some of the essential facts about using the best lures for fishing and also why are they almost always superior to any form of regular bait.

Fishing Lures vs Live Bait

Live bait might sound like a great idea, but in practice, it has shown to be less than ideal choice for most fished species. There are several disadvantages that come with using lures. Firstly, they work well in some circumstances like static fishing, but any type of reel fishing just does not work with them. Secondly, they tend to change their physical properties as time goes by, making them unstable. A live bait that was perfectly good an hour ago might be rendered all but useless. Finally, the last disadvantage comes from the fact that live bait is expendable. A day of fishing might spend up a large amount of live bait and leave the fishermen with nothing to continue. All these are reason enough to use lures in any type of fishing setup.

Fishing Lures for Small Fish

Small fish are abundant in most types of waters around the globe. They can be effectively caught using lures but one thing is important. Because they are small in size, their predatory instinct is constricted to prey that is smaller than they are. This means that small fish will react best to tiny plastic lures that mimic things like insects and worms. These are ideal targets for them because they cannot run or fight back. There are many types of plastic or silicone lures in shape of these small animals, so using them when catching small fish is the best choice.

Fishing Lures for Big Fish

Unlike small fish, big species behave in a different manner. Here, the best fishing lures for big fish utilize their essential predatory drive to catch their attention and then get them to bite. In this regard, there are two types of fishing lures that have shown to be spectacularly successful. The first ones are so-called spinner lures which have a moving part that spins around them in the water. This spinner makes vibrations that big fish will register and most likely engage. The other category of great lures are the spoons. These metal lures are called this way because they resemble spoons. Their purpose is to wobble in the water in a random way, mimicking the effect produced by fleeing fish . Along with the glittering color and movement, spoons are very easy for maintenance and will easily last for many years. Both spinners and spoons work great when trying to catch big fish.

With this information, anyone can be secure in the knowledge that they can pursue any type of fish they want and get great results.