Home decor is an often overlooked aspect of the house, but it is of course important. I would categorize the importance of decor three ways: comfort, aesthetic, and utility. The first is a no-brainer; people want their home to be comfortable and inviting. Perhaps leather couches and thick carpet are what one person finds comfortable, whereas hardwood floors and soft couches are preferred by another. In this sense, and others, home decor is incredibly personal. People are often disgruntled by uncomfortable decor and furniture–perhaps it even pains their body.


Aesthetics also dictates how a person will decorate their home. Like comfort, aesthetically pleasing home decor will keep your living room or kitchen lively and representative of yourself. I friend of mine has a lot of cowboy-themed decor; some might say this is tacky, but she enjoys the theme and it reflects her jovial personality–she knows it’s silly and that’s why she likes it. Decor in this sense has much more use than just comfort alone.


Last, utility is a category of decor. Whereas couches are relaxing and comfortable, and paintings are aesthetically pleasing, decorators must ensure their decor is fitted to its purpose. This is to say that decor must be utilized in a proper way: The couch is made to be sat on and it sturdy as well as comfortable–and it’s aesthetically pleasing. The desk allows for mobility and doesn’t take up too much room; it is a dark natural wood, which is what I like in a desk’s looks. All three aspects are important when considering decor, and of course, there are endless other categories, personal to the person decorating. Where one person finds something comforting, aesthetically pleasing, and utilitous, another person may disagree. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since decor is so largely based on aesthetics, this becomes even truer.


I would say that in my life, decor matters greatly. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, working at my desk. Whether I am finishing homework, reading a good book, playing guitar, playing video games, browsing the web, or anything else, I am using my desk. I’m faced towards a wall with a mirror on it, which makes me feel like the room is bigger than it really is and so I can engage with people behind me. My bookcase is near me and has my favorite books and authors, a globe, some photographs of my family, and more. My chair is comfortable and matches the rest of the room. Since I spend so much time at my desk, I like to make sure every aspect is comfortable. It’s also important that I enjoy looking around the room; I wouldn’t want to be disgruntled by poor decor aesthetic. The utility of my desk is superb: I can achieve everything I want here, expect cooking a meal. But once the meal is cooked, I’m able to bring it to my trusty desk! The most utilitous piece of furniture in the house.