Blank, white walls; bare Persian carpet; the scent of a freshly-cleaned room.

This was what I encountered when my family and I moved into our new house just over a month ago. I was excited to have a bigger room than before, and I liked that my siblings and I would have more space in our house, but something about it just didn’t feel like home. I had that strange feeling of sleeping in a place that wasn’t mine like I was staying at a hotel and would go home eventually.

Then I realized the problem: my room didn’t feel like my room because there was none of me in it. My belongings, style, and personality were nowhere to be found within the four white walls of the space. So, I got to brainstorming.

I have always been a beach enthusiast, loving everything from shells to surfing. I wanted to decorate my room to match my interests, and so I put on my interior-designer cap and scoured through articles and ideas to truly put my style into my room. Over the past month, I have been slowly working to create and personalize my space, and throughout that time, I have become more comfortable in it.

Decor is one of the most important factors in making a house feel like a home. People are individuals, and a home should reflect that individuality. Imagine if every house looked the same on the inside. There would be no creativity, no wonder in seeing something new, and no sense of personality. That’s why decor is crucial in not only showcasing our personal tastes but also making us feel at home in a place we can customize.

Being able to put pieces of our personalities and minds into the way we decorate is what keeps us creative, open-minded, and comfortable, and there is nothing more valuable than feeling at home, in our homes.