Our world is filled with cliches about homes. “There’s no place like home.” “Home is where the heart is.” Even the term “close to home” is how we tell the world that someone or something is very important to us. Anyone who has ever been into an empty apartment or house knows that a building is not a home. Home is made when you fill your space with the things that mean the most to you, which is why I choose to fill my room with southwestern rugs.

My grandma’s home is full of treasures. She has spent her life wandering the planet. Every inch of her walls is decorated with treasures from around the world. When I visit her, my favorite thing to do is get on my knees. Memories quickly flood into my mind. Every item that sparks a memory seems to rests two feet off the ground. For many years, these were the only items I could see. Right by the door is a painted wood statue of a Native American with his hand in the air. As a child, I always thought he was waving. I never miss an opportunity to wave back. Giant crystals, antiques, paintings, masks, and books. Each item carries a story. Patiently, my grandmother sits in her chair and tells me tales of trades made in faraway places. My grandmother’s life rests on her shelves.

Southwest Area Rugs Are A Decorating Godsend

I think of my Grandma when I fill my own home. Following in her shoes, I bring home pieces from my travels. While my collection is small compared to my Grandma’s, I treasure every piece. As an online student, my home environment plays a very important role in my life. Soothing colors and comfortable blankets keep me focused during long study sessions. The artwork adorning my walls reminds me of why my education is so important to me.  My trinkets from traveling give me something to look forward too when school is done. With such a busy schedule, I won’t be able to travel until I graduate so I’ve used decor to turn my home into an oasis.